Old Physics Homework

Due Tue 8/30 9 pm New deadline --Moodle 2.3 force vector problems
--Packet 4,5,A1,A2,A3   (Sorry I added this late to the web site) 
Due Fri 8/26
--Packet on Mechanical Equilibrium, exercises 1,2,3
Due Thursday 8/18 9 pm
-- Moodle 1.2 cm and m
-- Moodle 2.2 more equilibrium and vectors
Due Tuesday 8/16 9 pm
-- Moodle HW 2.1
-- Finish Moodle HW 1.1 (if you haven't already)
Due Monday 8/15
-- Notes through "Normal Force"
Due Friday 8/12
-- Moodle 1.0 "About Science"
-- Do Notes ch 2 up to Equilibrium
Due Wed Aug 10    (Odd periods.  For even periods, the next day)
--Syllabus filled out & signed by parent/guardian
--Emails from you and parent/guardian
--Power tools permission form filled out & signed by parent/guardian
--Notebook  (see syllabus)
--Review trigonometry.  Review these pages:  http://www.mathsisfun.com/algebra/trigonometry.html and http://www.mathsisfun.com/sine-cosine-tangent.html
--On a separate paper, answer the 10 quiz questions at the bottom of the sine-cosine-tangent page

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