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This Moodle is run by Dr. Halverson.   Guests may enter by using the username guest1 and password Zz12345!

Links to the end-of-year pictures I took of my classes:
SMALL PICTURES   http://halverscience.net/class_pictures_small/class_pictures_small.html
BIG PICTURES         http://halverscience.net/class_pictures_big/class_pictures_big.html

Link to a big stopwatch for physics experiments: http://stopwatch.onlineclock.net/
Link to a Javascript Clock: https://codepen.io/ky0suke/pen/MyNXWX

Note on email addresses:
--Moodle cannot send email to hotmail.com, outlook.com and live.com
I am on their "blacklist" and I haven't been able to get off of it.  All other email providers seem to be OK.

Notes on Quizzes:
--You have ONE WEEK to take a quiz after it has been administered.  After that it's too late and you'll get a zero.
--You have ONE WEEK to do quiz corrections after a quiz has been returned to you.  Quiz corrections earn 1/2 credit for each problem that is re-done.
(This only applies to "real" quizzes, not to pop quizzes or reading quizzes.)
--NEW - MINIQUIZ UNEXCUSED ABSENCES / TARDIES: If you miss a mini-quiz because of an unexcused tardy or absence you will get a zero. No make ups.

Notes on Moodle Grades:
--To get credit, you must score at least 3.7 out of 5.  Lower scores earn a zero.
--"Serious attempt" policy:  If I see that you got less than 3.7, but made a serious attempt, you can do it over for full credit.  Tell me when done.
--"Did YOU do it?"  policy for late work:  If I suspect that you had someone do an assignment for you, I might ask you to do some of the problems in front of me.  If you can't do them, I will tell you to do them in class after school.  BUT (good news), I will give you full credit for the work you do.  Also, in this situation I will try to help you do the work and learn the subject matter as you do it.

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Available courses

Introduction to physics for students studying calculus and taking the AP Physics C examination.