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Link to a big stopwatch for physics experiments: http://stopwatch.onlineclock.net/

Note on email addresses:
--Moodle cannot send email to hotmail.com, outlook.com and live.com
I am on their "blacklist" and I haven't been able to get off of it.  All other email providers seem to be OK.

Notes on Quizzes (Regular Physics only.  AP Physics may be different):
--You have ONE WEEK to take a quiz after it has been administered.  After that it's too late and you'll get a zero.
--You have ONE WEEK to do quiz corrections after a quiz has been returned to you.  Quiz corrections earn 1/2 credit for each problem that is re-done.
(This only apples to "real" quizzes, not to pop quizzes or reading quizzes.)

Notes on Moodle Grades:
--To get credit, you must score at least 3.7 out of 5.  Lower scores earn a zero.
--"Serious attempt" policy:  If I see that you got less than 3.7, but made a serious attempt, you can do it over for full credit.  Tell me when done.
--"Did YOU do it?"  policy for late work:  If I suspect that you had someone do an assignment for you, I might ask you to do some of the problems in front of me.  If you can't do them, I will tell you to do them in class after school.  BUT (good news), I will give you full credit for the work you do.  Also, in this situation I will try to help you do the work and learn the subject matter as you do it.

PHYSICS HOMEWORK:::::::::::::::::::::::::: dates are DUE dates ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Fri 9/22: Finish the notes for Ch 6
Wed 9/20
... Read text pages 93-97
... Do problems in book, page 101 #25,27,29, page 103 #55,57
... Moodle 6.1
Mon 9/18:
... Read text pages 86-92 (Ch 6)
... Don't forget Ch 6 notes.
Fri 9/15:
... QUIZ on Chapters 3 and 4
... Notebooks, Chapters 3 and 4
Wed 9/13
... Notes Ch6 through "* Acceleration Problems"
... Finish packet Ch 4-2
... Answers: #5 0.0178 m/s2 #6 4.9 m/s #7 3.38 s, -25.8 m/s, 374 m/s #9 43 m, 21.1 s
Mon 9/11
... Moodle 4.3
... Do Packet Ch 4-2, exercises 1,2,3,4, available here: http://www.halverscience.net/moodle/mod/resource/view.php?id=526
... Answers: #1 33 m/s, 54.5 m #2 9.49 s #3 80.6 m/s #4 56 s, 3920 m
Fri 9/8
... Moodle 4.2
... Pg 64 #27,30,33,36,37,38 Show work!
... Finish the Notes for Ch 4
Wed 9/6
... Do Notes through "* Constant Motion Graph Constant a"
... Moodle 4.1
Tue 9/5:
... Read Text pages 52-56
... Do problems Pg 64 #26,29,32,35,39
... Finish Moodle 2.3
Fri 9/1:
... Read Text Pg 46 to 52
... Do Notes for Ch4 up to * Acceleration a
... If you didn't finish the Inertia lab and its graph do that and hand in.
Thu 8/31: Do Moodle 3.1
Mon 8/28:
... Quiz on Chapter 2, open notes. Will be on the reading, vectors, homework problems, inches, mm, cm.
... Do Moodle 2.3
... Notebook chapter 2 must be done. I will collect notebooks.
Fri 8/25:
... Read Pg 35-39
... Do worksheet 2-3 (resolving vectors)
Wed 8/23:
... Read Pg 28-34 (Moved from 8/21) (Be ready for mini-quiz)
... Moodle 2.1
... Moodle 2.2
... Do problems Pg 27 #44,47,48
... For credit show work! diagram, formula, algebra, numbers, units
Mon 8/21:
... Read Pg 28-34
... Do WS 2-1 pages 1 and 2, available here: http://www.halverscience.net/moodle/pluginfile.php/1653/mod_resource/content/0/worksheet_0201_0202_combined.pdf
Fri 8/18: Do problems Pg 27 #42,43,45,46 (Show work!)
Wed 8/16:
...Read text pg 19-22 (as always, pay attention to the Concept Check and Think! questions)
...Do the notes for Ch2 up through the *Three examples after *2-D vector addition, Hewitt's way
...You do NOT need to do Resolving and Multiplying Vectors (this is a change from what I originally said.)
...The notes are available in the Physics Moodle, Chapter 2
...You will notice that much of the notes is repetitive as vector additions are done step-by-step.
...You only need to put the last slide of the step-by-step sequences.
Mon 8/14 (8/15 for even periods):
...Read text pg 12-19 (pay attention to the Concept Check and Think! questions)
...Do Moodle 1.2
...Always bring your notebooks.
Fri 8/11:
...Read Chapter 1 "About Science"
...Do Moodle HW 1.0 and Moodle HW 1.1
Due Tue 8/8:
...Syllabus signatures sheet (with parent signatures)
...Tools permission form (with signatures)

AP PHYSICS Period 2 HOMEWORK::::::::::::::::::::::::: dates are DUE dates ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Tue 9/26: QUIZ ON VECTORS Study guide and solutions are available on Moodle.  I will also ask some questions based on the homework. Answers are on Moodle. 

Fri 9/22
... Pg 90 #44,45,46
... Read Pg 94-98 (Look carefully at Checkup Questions pg 97,98)
Thu 9/21
... Read Ohanian pg 83-86
... Pg 90 #41,42,43
Tue 9/19: Do Ohanian Pg 89,90 #17,18,19,21,24,25,29,37,38,39
Thu 9/14
... Quiz on Ch2. Two questions from the Ch2 Ohanian Problems. (All solutions are posted in Moodle, AP Physics) and two questions from the study guide which is available here: http://www.halverscience.net/moodle/mod/resource/view.php?id=1164 (Study guide solutions are also on Moodle)
... You can use the AP Exam cheat-sheet (its on Moodle) with your additional annotations for this quiz.
Tue 9/12
... Do Packet Ch 4-2, available here: http://www.halverscience.net/moodle/mod/resource/view.php?id=526
... Answers: #1 33 m/s, 54.5 m #2 9.49 s #3 80.6 m/s #4 56 s, 3920 m #5 0.0178 m/s2 #6 4.9 m/s #7 3.38 s, -25.8 m/s, 374 m/s #9 43 m, 21.1 s
... Read The Little Book of Big Ideas, Chapter 3, Pages 49-54 (Pages 52-54 are most important), available here: http://www.halverscience.net/moodle/mod/folder/view.php?id=1360
Thu 9/7
... Read Ohanian pg 76 to 86
... Do Pg 65 #100,101,102,103 Pg 88 #1,4,9,10
Tue 9/5:
... Do Ohanian problems pg 64 #75,78,80,84,87 (These might be different from what I wrote on the board. If you do those instead, that's OK.)
(Board said to do pg 64 #75,78,79,80,84)
(I forgot which ones I put on the board)
... Do the "You do it" questions on pages 1,2,3 of the notes on vectors. (Won't be graded.)
... Do Moodle 4.4 AP in regular physics
Fri 9/1
... Do Moodle 4.2 and 4.3 in regular physics
... Read Ohanian Ch3, pages 69 to 76
Thu 8/31
... Read Ohanian Pg 49 to 56
... Do Ch2 Pg 62 #60,62,63,64,65
Tue 8/29:
... Quiz on Chapter 1. Study the Checkup questions (answers at end of chapter) and the HW problems (answers on Moodle).
... Do Ch2 Pg 62 #51,52,54,58,59.
Fri 8/25: Read Ohanian pages 35 to 49 (miniquiz)
Thu 8/24 In Ohanian:
... Do Ch2 Pg 60 #33,35,37,39,41,42,45. (Answers to odd problems are in the back of the book.)
... For credit, show your work: diagram, formula, algebra, numbers, units
Tue 8/22 In Ohanian:
... Do Ch2 Pg58 PROBLEMS (not questions) #1,2, Pg59 #19 Pg60 #26,27
... I will collect the Ch1 bookword.
Thu 8/17 In Ohanian:
... Do Ch1 Pg 24 #41,43,44,45, Pg25 #65
... Read/reread Pg 28 to 39
Tue 8/15:
...Read Ohanian Pg 13-20
...Read Ohanian Pg 28-39
...Checkup questions quiz???
...Do read the notes I handed out and do WS 1.0, last page of packet.
...Do Moodle HW 1.2 (in Regular Physics)
Fri 8/11: Do Moodle HW 1.1, in regular physics
Thu 8/10: ...QUIZ on summer reading, Conceptual Physics Ch 2 though 6. Open notes
...Read Ohanian Pg 2-13
...Study the Checkup Questions
...Do Ch1 Pg 21 #1,6 Pg 22 #2,7,10,17,23,29,31,35
Due Tue 8/8: ...Syllabus signatures sheet (with parent signatures)
...Read Ohanian pages XXXV to LI (The "Prelude")
...Learn how to count in Roman Numerals
...Be ready to summarize what the Prelude says

ADVISORY CLASSWORK and HOMEWORK:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Link to Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com/
Please find "Halverson Advisory" and join the class with this code: xs6pp6r

Link to Monday's activity (do with a worksheet): https://www.digitalcompass.org/game/index.html
You will need headphones and a worsheet

Link to Student Strengths and Needs Survey. DO THIS: goo.gl/PjHwZ6

Link to Community Service Opportunities: http://www.laworks.com/HOC__Volunteer_Opportunity_Calendar_Page

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